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Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education

Adopted September 9, 1989
Revised October 18, 1997


WHEREAS, the four-year public institutions of higher education in Kentucky have distinct and unique characters and missions as defined by themselves historically and by the Council on Higher Education and the Legislature; and

WHEREAS, the future of public higher education in the Commonwealth will often be dictated by forces outside these several discrete institutions; and

WHEREAS, public higher education is and must remain higher education with certain common, cross-campus goals and ideals; and

WHEREAS, the quality of public higher education is intimately conjoined with the quality of individual faculty and the professional quality of the individual faculty members cannot altogether be disjoined from the quality of their lives and working conditions; and

WHEREAS, currently there is no statewide forum for faculty members' expression of faculty concerns as pertaining to the above items;

Now, therefore, be it hereby declared that as of JULY 13, 1979, the Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education will henceforth exist, meet, consider issues, make public pronouncements, and take appropriate action.

The agency for the exercise of the responsibilities herein described shall be known as the Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education, hereafter known as COSFL.

COSFL shall function as a collective advocacy body of public higher education faculties in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

A. COSFL may furnish advice, recommendations, and information on public higher education policies and procedures to:

1. the public;
2. the Council on Postsecondary Education;
3. the faculty representative on the Council on Postsecondary Education;
4. the Commonwealth and/or Federal Legislative bodies or agencies;
5. the Commonwealth and/or Federal Executive branches or agencies;
6. candidates for public office;
7. the appropriate faculty bodies, institutions, and administrations whose faculty or university senates are members of COSFL;
8. other organizations or agencies.

B. COSFL shall also function as a clearing house whereby participating faculty bodies may exchange information and reports.


A. Membership

1. The term "faculty" for the purposes herein is defined by faculty body eligibility at each separate participating institution.
2. "Faculty body" signifies faculty members of faculty senates, university senates, faculty representative organizations, or the equivalent.
3. COSFL membership shall be composed of (a) four representatives of the faculty from each of the participating institutions and shall be limited to four voting members per participating institution per meeting. One such voting member shall be the chief presiding officer from the faculty body. One shall be the faculty regent or trustee. One may be the president of AAUP where a sanctioned AAUP chapter exists. Other voting members from each participating institution shall be determined at the discretion of the separate faculty or university senates in a manner consistent with this constitution. (b) COSFL membership shall also include the elected Community College System faculty representative on the Kentucky Community and Technical College System Board.
4. A "participating institution" shall be a four-year public institution of higher education or the community college system acting collectively.

B. Governance

1. Each member of COSFL shall serve for one year and shall be eligible to serve again.
2. If a member of COSFL should resign, a replacement shall be selected according to the guidelines of the participating institution as soon as possible to fill the remainder of the resigned member's term.
3. COSFL representatives of each participating institution may select alternates to serve when they are unable to attend scheduled meetings.
4. The presiding officer of the faculty body of each participating institution shall submit the names of COSFL representatives from his/her institution to the secretary of COSFL by September 15.
5. COSFL shall have the authority to take the following actions:
a. act as the faculty voice of the eight faculty or university senates statewide;
b. elect the officers COSFL and determine their responsibilities and authority;
c. enter agreements on behalf of COSFL;
d. collect, hold, invest and spend money on behalf of COSFL;
e. study issues and problems, establish policies and positions, and take whatever actions it deems appropriate to represent the views and interests of COSFL to the public and to public institutions;
f. employ staff and designate agents who may or may not be members of COSFL;
g. organize activities and meetings by and for the membership;
h. delegate any part of this authority to the officers of COSFL as it deems appropriate;
i. seek faculty support on appropriate issues.

6. The president of COSFL shall provide a written annual report to the chair of the faculty or university senate at each campus for distribution to the participating faculty bodies.

C. Officers

1. COSFL shall have a president, a vice-president, and a treasurer to be elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.
2. The officers of COSFL shall serve for one year or until successors are elected.

D. Meetings and Rules of Procedure

1. COSFL shall hold regular meetings on dates, at times, and at places to be determined at the last scheduled meeting of the previous academic year, subject to Article IV below.
2. Special meetings of COSFL may be called by the president. Such meetings may also be called upon the written request of five members of COSFL.

E. Committees

1. COSFL shall establish such standing committees or ad hoc committees as are necessary to carry out the purposes and responsibilities of COSFL.
2. In general, the committees shall be comprised of COSFL members. Faculty members who are affiliated with participating institutions may also be appointed to committees but may not constitute the majority of any committee.


A. COSFL shall meet a minimum of three times during each academic year, the first meeting being held in the fall semester no later than October 15.

B. Draft minutes of the previous meeting and the agenda of the next meeting shall be sent to each COSFL member at least two weeks prior to the date of the next regular meeting.

C. The election of officers shall be by secret ballot.

D. The most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the conduct of all business unless other rules are adopted.

E. A quorum shall include representatives from at least half of the participating institutions in COSFL.

F. A fund-raising drive shall be held at each participating institution prior to October 31 asking the members of the faculty to pledge financial support for the COSFL fiscal year. COSFL may suggest a recommended pledge amount.

General by-laws not inconsistent with this Constitution governing the operation of COSFL may be adopted by a majority vote and may be amended by a majority vote.

This Constitution may be amended in accordance with the following provisions:

A. Any member of COSFL may propose an amendment to this Constitution by submitting the amendment to the president. Upon receipt, the president shall notify COSFL members and the amendment shall be placed on the agenda as a discussion item for the next regular meeting and shall be voted on at the next regular meeting.

B. Amendments shall be ratified by a two thirds majority of COSFL members present and voting.

If any section or part of this Constitution shall be declared null and void by a court of competent jurisdiction or any other legally qualified authority, all remaining parts shall remain in full force and effect.

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